E-mail campaigns under GDPR. Punishing on small business?

By today, all of us should have received a plethora of e-mails from companies, asking us for our consent to keep our PII in their marketing databases. During the last few weeks, many of my business owners/executives friends and I have had countless discussions on how this new "GDPR thing" will impede on the e-mail marketing effort to inform their clients of new and existing products and services on offer. Personally, I believe is a good marketing database clearing up exercise. What do I mean? People who did not give renewed consent would probably not have opened any previous marketing e-mails anyway. So here you are, your 1000 European citizens e-mails datatabase only contained 100 people that consented and are interested in your goods and services. The remaining 900, would probably ignore or block your emails anyway. So this is not punishment, rather an opportunity to end up with a smaller but much more engaged customer/prospect base.

This article was originally published on 25 May 2018


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