Initial Audit

"How far away from compliance is my business?"

During this phase of any assignment with you, we carry out our initial investigation looking at your business with respect to PII; how you gather it, where you store it and what you do with it both digitally and physically.

This audit would normally be around one week of investigative work and aims to identify at a high level the key areas to address and the likely scale of work necessary.

Gap Analysis

"What actions do we have to take to be compliant?"

In this phase we look in depth across all aspects of PII you're holding and compare what you do, with the new Regulation, to highlight the corrective actions necessary to drive you towards compliance. The key artefact from the Gap Analysis will be a final report which will clearly identify to your Board the risks and how to mitigate them.

At this point you will be able to determine your priorities and begin to establish a plan to address any shortcomings in systems, processes and people.


"How can we stay compliant?"

Article 38 of the GDPR specifies that a Data Protection Officer "be involved properly and in a timely manner in all issues that relate to the protection of personal data":

  • to provide information and advice and liaise with the Supervising Authority as necessary

  • to monitor compliance with the GDPR

  • to provide advise with regard to the Data Protection Impact Assessments

We understand that most SMEs will not require a DPO on a permanent basis.  Therefore, we have developed a program to offer DPO as a service.  For an agreed annual fee, you will have access to one of our certified GDPR Practitioners as required by the Regulations. 

GDPR Program Management

"How do we get there quickly and at what cost?"

As a business we are able to offer a comprehensive service to help you achieve compliance and as such we provide the full Program Management services to form a plan and execute it. This can range from overseeing progress and regular reporting to your Board, to hands-on planning and leading the program from the front, to deliver the fastest result.


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